The Laws of Alice A. Bailey

Below are a list of all the “Laws” I can find in the writings of Alice A. Bailey. To qualify as one of her “Laws” it must start with “Law of” where “Law” is capitalized.  If you notice any that I have missed please leave a comment on this page and I will update it.

Those Laws below which have a link contain all the references I can find to that Law. However this page is as they say “a work in progress” so check back from time to time to find new entries.

The basic idea is that people knowledgable with the writings of Alice A. Bailey can leave comments on the individual pages for each Law as to their understanding of its meaning as Bailey hardly ever gives a real definition – you have to almost always try to figure it out by context. Again, feel free to add you comments on the individual pages for each Law.


Law of Laws

The Christian statement that “God is Love” is founded on that deepest, recognized, spiritual fact. The expression of this divine characteristic can be summed up in the words from The Voice of the Silence:

Compassion is no attribute.
It is the Law of Laws – eternal Harmony, Alaya’s Self;
a shoreless, universal essence,
the light of everlasting right and fitness of things,
the law of love eternal.

Alice A. Bailey, The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section III – Forces behind the Evolutionary Process

Law of Abstraction (8)
Law of Acceptance (1)
Law of Action and Reaction (6)
Law of Adaptation (in Time) (3)
Law of Adjustment or of Balance (1)
Law of Affinity
Law of Analogy
Law of Ancient Dominating Good
Law of Ascension
Law of Assembly
Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction  (1 of 3)
Law of Attraction  (2 of 3)
Law of Attraction  (3 of 3)
Law of Balance
Law of Being
Law of Brotherhood
Law of Capitulation
Law of Cause
Law of Causes
Law of Change
Law of Chemical Affinity
Law of Cleavages
Law of Cohesion
Law of Color
Law of Compassion
Law of Compensation
Law of Concretion
Law of Consequence
Law of Consequences
Law of Contradictions
Law of Contraries
Law of Contrasts
Law of Correspondence
Law of Correspondences
Law of Cycles
Law of Death
Law of Destiny
Law of Disintegration
Law of Dissolution
Law of Distribution
Law of Duality
Law of Economy
Law of Evil Sharing
Law of Evolution
Law of Expansion
Law of Expansive Response
Law of Expediency
Law of Fixation
Law of Free Occult Obedience
Law of Freedom
Law of Friction
Law of Fulfilment
Law of God
Law of Gravitation
Law of Group Endeavor
Law of Group Progress
Law of Healing
Law of Health
Law of Hidden Radiance
Law of His Being
Law of Immersion
Law of Imperfection
Law of Initiation
Law of Integration
Law of Isolation or Limitation
Law of Karma
Law of Karmic Liability
Law of Liberation
Law of Life
Law of Love
Law of Loving Understanding
Law of Magnetic Attaction
Law of Magnetic Control
Law of Magnetic Impulse
Law of Magnetism
Law of Materialization
Law of Monadic Return
Law of Moses
Law of Mutual Attraction
Law of Necessity
Law of Occult Paradox
Law of Opportunity
Law of Passive Resistance
Law of Perfection
Law of Periodicity
Law of Persistence
Law of Planetary Affinity
Law of Polar Opposites
Law of Polar Union
Law of Positive and Negative
Law of Progress
Law of Radiation
Law of Rebirth
Law of Relativity
Law of Repetition
Law of Repulse
Law of Repulsion
Law of Resemblance
Law of Retribution
Law of Return
Law of Rhythm
Law of Right Human Relations
Law of Ritual and of Divine Ceremonial
Law of Sacrifice
Law of Separateness
Law of Separation
Law of Service
Law of Sex
Law of Silence
Law of Solar Evolution
Law of Solar Union
Law of Spiritual Approach
Law of Spiritual Retribution
Law of Substance
Law of Supply ( and Demand )
Law of Synthesis
Law of Triple Response (1)
Law of Understanding
Law of Vibration
Law of Will of God (1)

The number in () to the right of each Law indicates the number of times found in the works of Alice A. Bailey.

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