The Keys of Knowlege 1998 - 2010

Joseph J. Dewey


Needless Sacrifice

1999-1-20 10:40:00

Our Last Question: "How is sacrifice being used by those who still identify with the Piscean energies in a negative way?"

We received some good answers and comments"

"I think at this time it is more important to serve by strengthening the good there already is instead of trying to 'right the wrongs' thru sacrifice."  Samu

"Thinking about the New Agers on the drive home tonight from work the thought came to me that the New Agers value their Guru's more than themselves. Then the word *cult* came to mind in connection with *values*, and immediately I thought of Jonestown and Hale Bopp. All those people listened to their Guru all the way to their death! They sacrificed their own values in place of the value of their Guru, and that turned very deadly."  LeLona

"I suppose anyone who tells us what to think and how to act, apart from the beastly connotations, is operating under the influence of Piscean energy."  Glenys

The basic misuse of sacrifice in this age is as follows:

The ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return. True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level. Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the beast and only receive false images in return.

Jesus demanded sacrifice, even unto death, but He offered the reward of real soul contact and the lifting of much negative karma for the disciples.

The authorities of the beast today want everything from us and give us nothing real in return. Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

The governments of the world do a similar thing. They want more and more taxes and give them away to many illusionary projects and we often receive nothing back in return.

In ancient Israel the whole government was financed on a voluntary ten percent tithe and the money was used for the benefit of all. Wouldn't it be nice if a voluntary tithe were our only tax today? There is no reason why this cannot be so.

Another false sacrifice demanded by many New Agers is technology. Many of them want us to give up all the benefits of technology and go back to living virtually on the level of the savage. This idea is totally contrary to everything Aquarian and the only way it could succeed is through the destruction of billions of lives on earth. Instead the Aquarian age which is ruled by air, or mind, will bring man in harmony with the environment through technology. Contrary to much New Age thinking man is put here to improve the earth (after a number of blunders) not to bask in a native wilderness.

In other words, we do not have to sacrifice the comforts of modern society to bring a New Age of peace and rest for the planet.

Our next objective here is to see a vision of the transformation of Pisces into Aquarius so let us go a step farther. There is one main key word for Pisces which is sacrifice and one for Aquarius which is service. In addition to these there is a Trinity of key words for each age, one major and two minor. What are they?

Another question: How is service to become manifest in the Aquarian age and why are those who are still concentrating on sacrifice resisting it?

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