Alice A. Bailey on Theosophy

Here are all of the references to Theosophy by Alice A. Bailey (AAB) in her voluminous writings and those given to her by Djwhal Khul (DK). Links on these pages of the Laws of Alice A. Bailey are to the online books at the Lucis Trust  website.

AAB was an early convert to Theosophy but then founded her own Arcane School. AAB claimed that “All the Theosophy that I knew had been taught me by personal friends and pupils of H.P.B.” – see full quote below.  “S. D.” in these quotes of course stands for The Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB).

You might find Post-Enlightenment Mystics: Madame Blavatsky an interesting take on HPB. Also check out DID H. P. BLAVATSKY RETURN AS JOHN F. KENNEDY?’ by author Joseph J. Dewey where he comes to an amazing conclusion based on handwriting analysis.

Below are the quotes I found:

Subba Rao says in Five Years of Theosophy, page 102: “As a general rule, whenever seven entities are mentioned in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever, you must suppose that those seven entities came into existence from three primary entities; and that these three entities, again, are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the seven coloured rays in the solar ray are evolved out of three primary coloured rays; and the three primary colours coexist with the four secondary colours in the solar ray. Similarly the three primary entities which brought man into existence coexist in him with the four secondary entities which arose from different combinations of the three primary entities.” Read also S. D., I, 190, 191.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire , DIVISION C. SEVEN ESOTERIC STANZAS. – Part 3

The Gnosis or hidden knowledge is the same as Atma vidya, or Theosophy, and includes the other six.

[cxix] 17: S. D., II, 33. I, 323.
[cxx] 18: S. D., I, 258.
[cxxi] 19: S. D., I, 191

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire , DIVISION C. SEVEN ESOTERIC STANZAS. – Part 4

[iii] 1: Quoted by W. Kingsland in Religion in the Light of Theosophy.

From Bethlehem To Calvary , CHAPTER SEVEN – Our Immediate Goal . . . The Founding of the Kingdom – Part 2

Professor Max Müller in his book Theosophy or Psychological Religion says that:

“We must remember that the fundamental principle of the Vedanta-philosophy was not ‘Thou art He,’ but ‘Thou art That!’ and it was not Thou wilt be, but Thou art. This ‘Thou art’ expresses something that is, that has been, and always will be, not something that has still to be achieved, or is to follow, for instance, after death….By true knowledge the individual soul does not become Brahman, but is Brahman, as soon as it knows what it really is, and always has been.”

From Intellect To Intuition , CHAPTER NINE – THE PRACTICE OF MEDITATION – Part 1

For the sake of clarity, however, and because the Birth and Baptism initiations have been counted in with the true major initiations by the modern teachers of theosophy and similar occult bodies, and because people are therefore accustomed so to consider them, we will preserve the old method of counting them.


I mention this for the benefit of United Lodge of Theosophists and for those who claim that the true Theosophical lineage descends from H.P.B. via W. Q. Judge. All the Theosophy that I knew had been taught me by personal friends and pupils of H.P.B. and this Mr. Prater recognised. Later he gave me the esoteric section instructions as given to him by H.P.B. They are identical with those I had seen when in the E.S. but they were given to me with no strings attached to them at all and I have been at liberty to use them at any time and have used them. When he died many years ago his theosophical library came into our hands with all the old Lucifers and all the old editions of the Theosophical magazine, plus other esoteric papers which he had received from H.P.B.

The Unfinished Autobiography , CHAPTER V – Part 1

This phase in the history of esotericism has been good, preparatory work. It has brought to the attention of the general public the nature of the secret doctrine, of the esoteric teaching and of the inner government of the world. The fact of the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom—as They work in the planetary Hierarchy under the direction of the Christ—has been widely presented, either in terms of orthodox Theosophy, of Hindu metaphysical speculation or under Christian terminology.

The Unfinished Autobiography , WHAT IS AN ESOTERIC SCHOOL

It was whilst I was passing through the difficult time in which I worked as a factory hand that I contacted Theosophy. I do not like the word in spite of its beautiful connotation and meaning. It stands in the public mind for so much which it essentially is not. I hope to show, if I can, what it really is. This marked the opening of a new spiritual era in my life.

The Unfinished Autobiography , CHAPTER IV – Part 1

This movement is not only expressing itself through the various occult and esoteric bodies, but through the labor unions, through the plans for world unity and post-war rehabilitation, through the new vision in the political field, and through the recognition of the needs of humanity everywhere. The degeneration of the initial, beautiful impulse is heartbreaking to those of us who loved the principles and truths for which Theosophy originally stood.

The Unfinished Autobiography , CHAPTER IV – Part 2

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