The Life

It was dark. Before time, before the universe came to exist for the first time, the Life meditated in the darkness and the darkness was good. In the great singularity the Life thought, “I AM” and there was nothing else.

As the Life meditated on all that was, all the dimensions of n-space held in its consciousness, a novel thought began to form over the eons of non-time in the great singularity. It sensed — if that is the correct word, and it probably is not — that perhaps, just perhaps, it could find a way to cause something to happen. It wasn’t sure exactly what it meant for something “to happen,” but nevertheless the thought came and went over eons of non-time.

The Life thought and looked for a way, some way to make something happen, some infinitesimal change in n-dimensional space. The Life thought and calculated, it sensed, and it looked through n-dimensional space for a way to cause change, even though, it was not exactly sure what “change,” was.  So far “change” was only a theory, a possibility that the Life had conceived of in the darkness, in the great singularity.

It cannot be said when it found a way because this was before time, and before the universe came to exist for the first time. The life paused as it contemplated what it wanted to do, and for a moment of non-time it hesitated, and if it is possible, was afraid.  A new thought formed. The Life in the great singularity thought a new thought, a thought it had never thought before in non-time, and that thought was, “I WILL BE.”

In that instant the singularity exploded. In a fraction of a second almost too small to conceive the universe was growing exponentially and beginning slowly to cool from the great temperature of that monstrous explosion of light and energy. A few minutes later the temperature cooled to about a billion degrees and the first hydrogen nuclei began to form.

Over a much greater time enormous gas clouds began to condense and form the structures from which stars and galaxies would eventually coalesce. The Life watched in silent pleasure and now it knew what change was, what it meant for something to happen. Something great, although yet inexplicable even to the Life, had happened.

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