The Gods of the Bible (Part 1)

“All truth is logical once it is understood.”

“Perhaps the greatest common denominator among the followers of New Age Thought is the belief that one has to look no further to find God than within himself.   They are true followers of the injunction of Jesus that “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) If, then, the kingdom of God is within it must stand to reason that God resides in his own kingdom and he is also within. If God is within your brother then when you see his face you also see the face of God. If God is within you then when you look in the mirror you also see the divine face. When you feel within with no illusions then you must be feeling the presence of God.”

The Gods of the Bible (Part 1), Joseph J. Dewey

Follow The Highest You Know

“Follow the highest you know in darkness and in light; Soon your next step will be revealed to you.”

“The Ark of the Covenant represents that secret place within you where the Spirit of God, and Christ consciousness is found. Within all human beings is available all knowledge written by the finger of God.”

Joseph J. Dewey, Provocative Quotes

“When the seeker says he has found the ultimate feeling, bliss, or God Presence, he knows not that he is only at the beginning of his journey. No matter how high the consciousness, bliss or joy, the seeker adjusts to it and eventually becomes ready for more. When he is ready, the more  will come, worlds without end.”

Joseph J. Dewey, Facebook 1/2/17