Alice A. Bailey On Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Alice A. Bailey mentions Albert Einstein in her writings a number of times and mentions “Einstein‘s newest theory of relativity.” 

  In the retrospect of history, the picture of the emerging prisoner, Man, can be seen in clear delineation. Little by little he has mastered the planetary boundaries; little by little, he has grown from the stage of cave man to that of a Shakespeare, a Newton, a Leonardo da Vinci, an Einstein, a St. Francis of Assisi, to a Christ and a Buddha. 

 ” In an article on Our Goal Is Unity in The Free World of October, 1944,… Albert Einstein regretfully took note of “an odious materialistic attitude toward life which leads to the predominance of an unrestrained selfishness. ” But how shall this materialism and selfishness of our culture be corrected. By geodesies in the space-time manifold of relativity theory. This would be cold comfort from a warm heart and Einstein does not offer this way out. Indeed, Einstein offers no clear solution. The simple truth is that the only counterweight to “materialism” is “idealism” and this must come out of the very heart of science, as an evolutionary development. 

  If each one of us would scientifically regard ourselves as centres of force, holding the matter of our bodies within our radius of control, and thus working through and in them, we should have a hypothesis whereby the entire cosmic scheme could be interpreted. If, as Einstein hints, our entire solar system is but a sphere, colouring is given to the deduction that it, in its turn, may be but a cosmic atom; thus we would have a place within a still larger scheme, and have a centre around which our system rotates, and in which it is as the electron to the atom. We have been told by astronomers that our entire system is probably revolving around a central point in the heavens. 

  Kilner with the human aura, which he has embodied in his book, The Human Atmosphere. Still further lines of investigation into the supernormal powers have been well summed up for us in a recent statement from an Australian periodical called The Federal Independent, and from which two paragraphs are here quoted: “New light on Christ’s walking on the waters was thrown recently by a scientist who has been making a special study of Einstein‘s newest theory of relativity. As a result of his investigations Professor H. 

  `The miracle can be accepted by the most sceptical minds as soon as they recognize the fact that the basic laws of relativistic mechanics and of electricity can be reduced to one formula, and that the power of electromagnetism can influence and completely control gravitation,’ said Professor Sheldon. According to Einstein‘s latest mathematical theory there is only one substance and one universal law containing electric and gravitational components, both of which are united into a single formula, and each of which influences the other. Dr. 

  Sheldon showed how a bar of permalloy, which is usually sensitive to magnetism, will remain suspended seemingly by air alone, if a magnet is placed underneath it. In the light of Einstein‘s new theory, therefore, it may be that Christ’s freedom from the accepted laws of gravitation, which would have forced Him to sink as soon as His feet touched the surface of the sea, was due to a prodigious amount of electro-magnetism in His own body, and from a force springing from the strength of His personality and vitality. In all the paintings of Christ He is shown with a halo about His head. 

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