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The Incomprehensible Alice A. Bailey

By my count Alice A. Bailey (AAB) uses the word “incomprehensible” 71 times in her writing that is available on the Lucis Trust website. Most of if not  all instances are attributed to  Djwhal Khul (DK) whom AAB described as a “Master.” Here are some samples:

  This Rod of Power is used at the initiation of the seven Heavenly Men on cosmic levels. It is used also in the initiation of groups, a thing almost incomprehensible to us.  Treatise on Cosmic Fire

  His subjective life is governed by the Law of Attraction; His material form is governed by the Law of Economy. He is coming under another cosmic law as yet incomprehensible to men, which law is but revealed to the highest initiates. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

 They individualised as the result of work accomplished during incomprehensible aeons of endeavour. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

 This occult abstraction is brought about by an effort of the will at present incomprehensible A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

 The first method of individualisation is that of the third aspect, or latent activity, and follows the line of least resistance under the Law of Economy; the second method is the purely electrical one, and works under the Law of Attraction; whilst the third method lies hidden in dynamic will and is as yet to us impossible and incomprehensible. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

  This should ever be borne in mind. It is to be recognised that much that is written above may seem incomprehensible, but when scientists come to understand and regulate force, that which is written here will become plainer; it will be seen that we have dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, and including the human kingdom.   A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

The system of the Sirian Logos is on the cosmic mental plane, and in a subtle way, incomprehensible to us, our Logos, with His system, forms a part of a still greater Logos.   A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

 This will necessarily be incomprehensible to you at present for it is not a mediatorship between differences but a fusion of what is already related. Esoteric Astrology

  “The Law of Sacrifice and Death is `in a mysterious way’ the reversal of the first law, that of Vibration. It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition, as yet an incomprehensible idea to us. ” Esoteric Astrology

  The causes that we may trace in relation to disease and death are in reality only the working out of certain basic principles which govern—rightly or wrongly, who shall say. —the life of God in form, and they must ever remain incomprehensible to man until such time as he takes the great initiation which is symbolised for us in the Transfiguration. All along in our studies, we shall be dealing with secondary causes and their effects, with the phenomenal results of those subjective effects which emanate from causes too far away for us to grasp.  Esoteric Healing

This condition is governed by a cosmic law of rhythm so obscure as to be incomprehensible at this time.   Esoteric Psychology

  When all the sons of men attain the fifth initiation, He achieves. This is a great mystery and incomprehensible to us.   Initiation, Human And Solar

  The pain that lies hid in comprehension, not resistance, is felt to the highest circles, yea, it reaches to the Logos Himself. But this is beside the point and well-nigh incomprehensible to you who are yet trammelled by matter. Letters On Occult Meditation

  The Mysteries will restore colour and music as they essentially are to the world and do it in such a manner that the creative art of today will be to this new creative art what a child’s building of wooden blocks is to a great cathedral such as Durham or Milan. The Mysteries, when restored, will make real—in a sense incomprehensible to you at present—the nature of religion, the purpose of science and the goal of education. These are not what you think today.  Rays and The Initiations

  These activities have all been carried on “behind the veil” and are, of course, only a very small part of the total work of the Hierarchy. Much of it would be entirely incomprehensible to you. The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy

  His soul and their soul are seen to be identical—potentiality is seen in one, and (from the human standpoint) incomprehensible order leading to ultimate perfection is seen in the other.  The Light Of The Soul

  This is the basis for the doctrine of Avatars or Divine Messengers. Such an one was the Christ; He was twice an Avatar because He not only struck the keynote of the new age (over two thousand years ago) but He also, in some mysterious and incomprehensible manner, embodied in Himself the divine Principle of Love; He was the first to reveal to men the true nature of God. The invocative cry of humanity (the second of the incentives producing a divine Emergence) is potent in effect because the souls of men, particularly in concerted action, have in them something which is akin to the divine nature of the Avatar.  The Reappearance Of The Christ

As far as I know these were all attributed to DK. Again this is only a sampling of the total. From these I draw the inference that DK spent a fair amount of time teaching that his teaching is in many parts incomprehensible to us.



Alice A. Bailey On Capitalism

Alice A. Bailey (AAB) had some interesting things to say about Capitalism. When reading the works of Alice A. Bailey, many of which she attributed to Djwhal Khul (DK), one has to ask the question whether one believes that attribution to be real, the revelations of a much advanced “Master of Wisdom,” or a product possibly of her imagination or alter ego, or something else.

Her writings attributed to DK on Capitalism are I think a good test. For example in Problems of Humanity we read:

“With invention of machinery and the inauguration of the machine age during the 18th and 19th centuries, the condition of the labouring elements of the population became acutely bad; living conditions were abominable, unsanitary and dangerous to health, owing to the growth of urban areas around factories. They still are, as witness the housing problem of munitions workers during the past several years and the situation around the coal fields both in the States and Great Britain. The exploitation of children increased. The sweat-shop flourished; modern capitalism came into its own and the sharp distinction between the very poor and the very rich became the outstanding characteristic of the Victorian era. From the angle of the planned evolutionary and spiritual development of the human family, leading to civilized and cultural living and to fair play and equal opportunity for all, the situation could not have been worse. Commercial selfishness and wild discontent flourished. The very rich flaunted their superior status in the faces of the very poor, paralleled with a patronizing paternalism. The spirit of revolution grew among the herded, overworked masses who, by their efforts, contributed to the wealth of the rich classes.” CHAPTER III – THE PROBLEM OF CAPITAL, LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT

Much of the above is just not accurate, not accurate from a historical perspective. It is I think possibly something you might expect an admirer of the 1940s British Labor Movement to believe, or what an admirer of the principles (though not necessarily the practices) of Communism might believe. It is not something I would expect a “Master of Economic Wisdom” to teach.

However the majority of people today, the product of modern education, would probably believe AAB/DK’s description of Capitalism above. Perhaps we can borrow on a useful principle taught by the writer Joseph J. Dewey when he said that:

“Take those concepts that are embraced by the authorities of the world and look in the opposite direction” -Provocative Quotes

To “look in the opposite direction” we need to read what some defenders of Capitalism had to say. Robert Hessen, an American economic and business historian, largely debunks the popular history of the evils of child labor:

“One is both morally unjust and ignorant of history if one blames capitalism for the condition of children during the Industrial Revolution, since, in fact, capitalism brought an enormous improvement over their condition in the preceding age.”

“One cannot evaluate the phenomenon of child labor in England during the Industrial Revolution of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, unless one realizes that the introduction of the factory system offered a livelihood, a means of survival, to tens of thousands of children who would not have lived to be youths in the pre-capitalistic eras.” The Effects of the Industrial Revolution on Women and Children

Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution in England was literally a means of survival unavailable to earlier generations. To see this truth starkly illustrated one only has to look at the population of England during the time period from 1750  to 1820 and see that the population doubled and the age distribution changed dramatically with many more children being represented in the population. In earlier times, without Capitalism, without factories and without child labor in those factories, many of these children would have died – their parents could not support them.

Quoting Robert Hessen again:

“Both the rising population and the rising life expectancy give the live to the claims of socialist and fascist critics of capitalism that the conditions of the laboring classes were progressively deteriorating during the Industrial Revolution.” The Effects of the Industrial Revolution on Women and Children

The Effects of the Industrial Revolution on Women and Children is available as Ch. 8 in Ayn Rand’s book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.

So when AAB (or DK) writes that:

“With invention of machinery and the inauguration of the machine age during the 18th and 19th centuries, the condition of the labouring elements of the population became acutely bad; …”

She is spouting nonsense. The conditions of many children before that time were drastically worse. Working in a 19th century factory was no picnic by any means, but it was an improvement over dying of starvation or neglect as a child because your parents couldn’t afford you (and had no reliable birth control).

AAB is correct when she writes that “The exploitation of children increased.” What she (or DK) didn’t seem to understand is that before this time “un-exploited” children died en masse because their parents couldn’t adequately feed or take care of them. Imagine the plight of a 16th century peasant family trying to decide which of their children to feed and which to neglect? That was the reality (as it still is in some very backward places of the world today).

She writes that:

“… modern capitalism came into its own and the sharp distinction between the very poor and the very rich became the outstanding characteristic of the Victorian era”

Up until the modern era, long preceding Capitalism, there were often “sharp distinction[s] between the very poor and the very rich.” What Capitalism did was to vastly increase the number of the very rich, and enormously after several generations, the number of those between the very poor and the very rich – the middle class.

One could say a lot more on this. I highly recommend reading Robert Hessen’s article quoted above to dispel some of the popular nonsense about Capitalism. It is probably most easily available in Ayn Rand’s book mentioned above.

Was AAB right that there was selfishness and greed? Of course. That has always been true of humanity. Capitalism didn’t make people more selfish or greedy than they already were. What it did do, and this is the one factor the Socialists have never figured out, was harness some of that greed and selfishness to the greater good. If you want to make and sell things and get rich then you first have to figure out what people want and need, and then figure out a way to make it so they can afford it.

Was everything about early Capitalism a “bed of roses” that authors like Ayn Rand might like to tell you ? No, there were many abuses, and still are. But the obvious fact that I think any “Master of Wisdom” should be able to see is that first and foremost this was a necessary stage in human evolution. If it had not happened you and I would be sitting in a dirty hovel most likely without electricity or running water instead of setting in front of a technical marvel which is the computer you are reading this on.

In all of human history no single event has had a more beneficial effect on human living conditions than the rise of Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution. Was it terrible by modern standards? Yes. But you don’t even want to try to understand what life was like before that for most people. Most literature before the modern era does not dwell in depth on the plight of the “common man and woman,” and for good reason. It was not a pretty picture.

Dweller on the Threshold

Dweller on the Threshold

The Dweller on the Threshold is an entity we encounter in both Theosophy and the Arcane School of Alice A. Bailey. Below are some quotes on the Dweller on the Threshold in the writings of Alice A. Bailey(AAB) and Djwhal Khul (DK). Links on these pages  are to the online books at the Lucis Trust website.

 In Scorpio, two most occult factors emerge from the past and begin to engross the attention of the disciple. One is memory and the other is, as a consequence of the memory, the Dweller on the Threshold. Memory in the sense here involved is not simply just a faculty of the mind, as is so oft supposed, but it is essentially a creative power. 

 It is basically an aspect of thought and—coupled with imagination—is a creative agent because thoughts are things, as well you know. From ancient recesses of the memory, from a deeply rooted past which is definitely recalled, and from the racial and the individual subconscious (or founded and established thought reservoirs and desires, inherited and inherent) there emerges from individual past lives and experience that which is the sum total of all instinctual tendencies, of all inherited glamours and of all phases of wrong mental attitudes; to these (as they constitute a blended whole) we give the name of the Dweller on the Threshold. This Dweller is the sum total of all the personality characteristics which have remained unconquered and unsubdued and which must be finally overcome before initiation can be taken. 

 Each life sees some progress made; some personality defects straightened out and some real advance effected. But the unconquered residue and the ancient liabilities are numerous and excessively potent and—when soul contact is adequately established—there eventuates a life wherein the highly developed and powerful personality becomes, in itself, the Dweller on the Threshold. Then the Angel of the Presence and the Dweller stand face to face and something must then be done. 

Esoteric Astrology , 3. Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations. – Part 5

 Upon the mental plane the Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on the Threshold are brought face to face. Their synthesis is brought about upon the Path of Initiation. 

 The analogy can also be carried forward onto the mental plane and when the energies of the sun sign and the rising sign are coherently blended and expressed (in the case of both the individual or a planetary Life) there comes a point of crisis wherein the soul and the personality are brought face to face. The Angel of the Presence, distributing solar fire and holding focussed electric fire, and the Dweller on the Threshold, expressing and utilising fire by friction, know each other “with intimate occult knowledge. ” The door then stands open wide through which the life and light of the three major constellations can—after the third initiation—be occultly available to the initiate, be he a liberated human being or a planetary Logos. 

You are welcome to post your comments and understanding of this law. 

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