This is theNewAgeSite. Please take your time to explore some of our resources. Some info you will find here is very unique and not found elsewhere on the web.

The Beast by J.J. Dewey is a perfect place to start. It explains the principle of the Beast of Revelation. This is a very different approach than any you may have previously encountered anywhere else.

The Beast won't tell you how to identify some particularly bad dude Antichrist. It won't tell how the world will end. It will tell you how to begin to identify and overcome unjust authorities in your life.

The J.J. Dewey Archives are a series of posts by author Joseph J. Dewey to The Keys of Knowledge on many subjects from the spiritual, the esoteric, and the practical. These take place form 1998 to 2010 and include the original posts of some of the more important articles that contributed to books like The Molecular Relationship and The Gathering of Lights (and others).

In The Principles of Unification you will find a set of principles that could make a difference.

The Blog contains my personal observations about spirituality and religion in the New Age.