You Are Headed for the Straight and Narrow Path If:

Chances Are You Are Headed for the Straight and Narrow Path If:

You contemplate the will of God and try to manifest it.

You look beyond obnoxious personality traits to see the Christ within others.

You are motivated by love of others above love of the material self.

You attempt to give more than you receive.

You attempt to be as harmless as a dove and wise as a serpent.

You thirst after light, love, and knowledge.

You are an example of goodwill to all.

Joseph J. Dewey, Facebook, March 12, 2017

You May Be Risking the Dark Side If …

You are willing to deceive at the drop of a hat to get what you want.

You will enter a state of denying wrongdoing when your controversial acts are brought to light.

You accuse the innocent of wrongdoing.

You support taking away the freedom of the many to support a power base for the few.

You are willing to manipulate law, authority and regulation to enforce your idea of what is righteous.

You support lawlessness and violence to get what you want.

You present yourself as in harmony with those you want to forcibly change.

-Joseph J. Dewey, Keys of Knowledge, Facebook

As The Seeker Moves Forward

As the seeker moves forward on the path of liberation the light ahead becomes brighter and his power to move stronger as he assists those behind him. But if he fails to assist, then the path ahead is darkened and his strength evaporates. He becomes lost while another dedicated to serve takes his place. -Joseph J. Dewey, Facebook, March 2, 2017