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Blayne wrote me wanting my thoughts on receiving accurate Soul Contact. This is a concern and of interest to many. Because of this interest I attempt to cover the subject now and again. As I searched through my writings I realized that I have written more on the subject than I realized so I thought I would make a compilation of writings and post them for the group. I will post them approximately every other day until complete and then add an additional article.

Joseph J. Dewey

We can become a member of the heavenly Jerusalem at any moment that we “overcome” and obtain Soul Contact and the Christ consciousness. Then we become a spiritual pillar in the temple of God, and the God within is expressed and we “go no more out” no matter where we are physically. We are given a new name. That is we realize that our personality self is not real, but a false image, and the new name is “the name of my God.” In other words, we become one with God, a son of man who has become the Son of God.

There are those who have developed Soul Contact and the Intuition. These “lean not on the arm of flesh,” but stand on the foundation of rock. These are not necessarily “obedient,” nor do they blindly follow a leader, but they can intuitively ascertain the truth of doctrine taught by those who may have struggled further into the light than themselves. They see “eye to eye” with other Intuitives, and do not “obey” them, for they lean not on the arm of flesh.

Instead, they act through a process of simultaneous response. When the chord of truth is played by the God within it rings the same strings in the neophyte’s soul that also vibrated in the teacher, and in an instant they understand each other. The landscape of truth that was painted for the teacher earlier is also painted for the learner, their spirits are intertwined and their joy is full. The two are now in spiritual Zion. They see eye to eye and are one in a manner that the average person cannot conceive in his highest moments.

For example, David and Elizabeth experience a sharing of energies felt by few people on the earth and seek for a fullness of sharing at all four energy levels. The degree they both share is dependent upon the sensitivity of both to the energies of the soul and spirit. Generally speaking, the sharing of both cannot be much higher than the degree of Soul Contact experienced by the weaker partner. Thus, if Elizabeth is at a lower level of consciousness than David, David will have much incentive to lift her up for the benefit of both. Only by lifting her consciousness can David share in the higher energies with her.

After the bonding is consummated, David and Elizabeth share not only the energies of the heart and mind to a high degree, but also experience emotional and physical fulfillment that is felt by few. Highly evolved people seek not for fulfillment on spiritual levels only, but view all levels as one great chord where all the notes must vibrate to produce harmony. The physical and emotional notes must be played as well as the higher ones.

The physical and emotional worlds are as much of a creation of God as are the higher worlds, and when all creation is viewed as one, all things are spiritual. All energies are spiritual if they are directed toward the evolutionary path. To be evolutionary, the physical and emotional energies must adjust their vibration so they are in harmony with the heart and mind energies.

Highly evolved entities tune the chord of their energies from the highest to the lowest, and thus all the notes in the energy chord can vibrate harmoniously. If one tries to tune from the physical to the higher notes, the whole chord will sound off key and total fulfillment will be impossible.

All energies and creations vibrating in their pure state are good. It is only the inharmonious mixture or blending that produces poorly sounding chords.

Those who have had no Soul Contact will find that every communication they give or receive will have some deception in it. Words themselves veil true meanings and to have true communication, one must “read between the lines” or learn to look beyond the literal meanings of words.

For the person on the Middle Way, there still exists the power of authority. An example of such recognized authority for him or her is the Spirit of God Within. The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple. He finds it to be basically infallible in so far as he can relate it correctly.

The question to consider is this:  Why is the authority of the Spirit recognized?

Let us list the reasons:

  1. The vibration of a person’s Spirit is much higher than his personality, and it is logical that the higher would be more reliable than the lower.
  2. The disciple who has tested previous information given through the Soul has always found it to be reliable.
  3. A certain inner knowing and peace accompanies the revelations through the Soul. If the revelation feels wonderful and uplifting then it is logical that we will benefit by following it. (Keep in mind here that such a revelation produces the opposite feeling when related to those who do not have Soul Contact.) After a long period of testing the Spirit and finally bowing to its direction, the disciple does indeed accept it without question as an authoritative source. He may still question its direction in search of a full mental understanding, but he will never again question its authority.

We must keep in mind that this is not blind acceptance, but an intelligent one. We must never place ourselves in the closed-minded position of rejecting all authority either on the inner or outer planes.

What authorities are we to accept on the outer plane? The highest authority in the human kingdom should be one who has taught us a principle which has been confirmed by our own Souls. This means that such a person knows the power of Soul Contact himself and, unless he has forgotten, ignored, or denied this power, should be able to receive it again. Therefore, if he teaches us a second or third principle that may not seem to make sense to the personality self, we should still consider his doctrine and check with the Spirit for verification.

If the Spirit verifies his teachings again and again, then it becomes logical to grant the person more and more authority. The authority that we give such a person will open our minds and hearts to a greater power of receivership so we can consider the teachings with little resistance, making it easier for us to receive verification from our own Souls. Nevertheless, we should never give any man, woman, disembodied entity or even Master the same authority as our Souls, for we should always do our best to check the truth of all teachings with the Spirit of God which dwells in us.

The Union Of Souls

The basic purpose of the Molecule is to produce union among all people. Union must first begin with the individual self. The personality must be united with the Soul; worded another way, the lower self must be united with the Higher Self. The only way a union of any two or more people can take place is if the two follow the will of the God Within, or the Soul, which never disagrees with itself. One Soul is never out of harmony with another Soul.

Those who do not have Soul Contact can only be united by strong authority which allows no freedom of choice or movement. This is always a temporary union and has been demonstrated several times in the Piscean Age, which is passing. Now, in the Aquarian Age, a new type of union will manifest. This will be a union through seeing eye-to-eye because all members of that union will have some contact with the Soul. Union through understanding will be the keynote.

Therefore, the first objective here is to lift the individual member up to the realm of the Soul so he can feel its warm radiation and learn to recognize its voice. Those who have never contacted the Soul will be unaware of the voice of the Soul and will often make the mistake of believing that their emotional impressions are from their Soul.

The individual must be taught to reach the point of tension that brings “the still small voice,” “the peace that passeth all understanding,” and the “baptism of fire” which come from an inflow of Soul energy. Each must learn the difference between these three. He must learn the difference between the feelings of the Soul and the feelings of the higher emotions which are a reflection of the Soul.

He must also learn the difference between the vibration received from a thoughtform of energy and the vibration of the Soul. He must learn the difference between the vibration of the interplay of Souls through high emotional levels (such as the sharing of energy in romantic love) and the vibration of the individual Soul. He must learn to differentiate between a channeled spirit that is under control of the Soul and one that is influenced by the lower self. Finally, he must learn the difference between the vibration of his individual Soul and a message or endowment of energy from a Master or a Spiritual Guide who works though the Soul.

Those who learn to differentiate between the Soul energies and these other energies will then have the unique capacity to achieve oneness in thought. When a complete Molecule achieves oneness of thought through becoming sensitive to the Soul, then the Spiritual Hierarchy, which is presided over by the Christ, can pour forth its spiritual energy, which is channeled down from the very presence of God into a group here on earth. At that moment, the veil between heaven and earth is “rent in twain” and the group is translated from the Kingdom of Man into the Kingdom of God. They will become people of wonder and miracles just as were the apostles of Jesus.

Many people believe that it is impossible for even two people to think as one, let alone a whole group. On the illusionary plane of the personality this is true, for if the consciousness is centered on the great illusion, then the grand order and synthesis of all things is not apparent and points of harmony are overlooked. Psychologists say that you can tell that you are dreaming by looking twice at any scene. If it looks entirely different each time you look, then you are dreaming. This is the way the illusion of the personality is. Every time we look at it twice it changes and every time two people look at the same illusion they see and interpret it differently.

There is, however, another world which we call the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of the Soul where things change not and principles are eternal. When two different people look through the eyes of the Soul all things are seen as one, for all Souls are one. Looking through the eyes of the changeless Soul instead of the personality, or the lower self, then the same scene will look the same to both of them and they will see eye-to-eye. They will then experience the Union of Souls and the two will become one. As the two, or more, become one, they will be aware that they are both feeling the same Soul energy, and sharing the same spiritual fulfillment at the same instant.

It will seem almost as if the two lives are only one life. It is a wonderful realization. It can happen with any two or more individuals who are willing to look beyond the illusion of the personality to the real world of the Soul. Jesus talked about this principle when he said:  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matt 18:20)  In modern language, we could say that when two or more gather together to seek Soul Contact, for the purpose of union, the Christ consciousness will manifest in the midst of them.

Achieving this oneness is essential to the functioning of the Molecule. Without it we will merely have twenty-four ordinary people forming a group. With union through Soul Contact, we will then have a functioning Molecule that can be accepted by the Hierarchy to lay the foundation for the complete transformation of the whole planet earth which will bring about the redemption from the Fall of Man as prophesied in the scriptures.

Union is easy to teach but difficult to accomplish in real life with real people. The first step to union is to believe in its possibility. This is a problem for many. Because most of us have not experienced a Union of Souls, the possibility of seeing eye-to-eye seems to be a dream of an idealist. To make sure that we understand that union is possible or even desirable, it is important here that we define our terms.

Union does not mean that we will all want to drive the same cars, work in the same jobs, or paint our houses the same color. It does not mean that all of our computer brains will calculate the same way. On the other hand, it does mean that we will each see the same underlying principle behind a set of facts when they are expounded to us. Reread the discussion of principles and facts and bare in mind that when a principle is touched upon, the person who is sensitive to the Soul will sense a flash of light.

Two or more people with the same sensitivity will experience the same flash and will experience a similar understanding together. They may relate the facts with different words, but they will understand the principle because they both received light from the same source, the Soul, or God Omnipresent.

In the world of the Soul, or the Kingdom of God, all things are one. There is no division or duality. All Souls are one because they are linked to their source. Contacting our Soul is therefore as if we are contacting the One Great Life which is God. If there is truly only One Life pervading the Universe, how could it disagree with itself? If two people contact God pertaining to one point of doctrine, will they not both then agree in principle? Verily, yes.

A good scripture to study to inspire us toward oneness was given by the Master Jesus. He said:

“The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”  Mark 12:29-31

When we consider that the energy of love is the urge toward union, then we can look at this scripture in a different light. We can then interpret the greatest commandment as follows: There is only one God or One Life and we are to seek union with that Presence in ourselves and with others with all of our hearts, all of our Soul, all of our mind and strength. We will think, feel and act as one life as God is one life. We will seek to be one with our neighbor as we are one with ourselves. This is the greatest commandment because it redeems man from the Fall, and all other commandments are based upon this principle.

The key to union is found in the ancient statement that “energy follows thought.” If our thought or attention is placed upon the illusionary personality, then our God Energy is also there reinforcing the illusion that separates one brother from another. Our attention is placed on the personality when we focus on the faults and imperfections of others. Energy is then centered on the illusion of imperfection and we cannot see the perfected One God in others or ourselves.

The key to Soul Contact is to remember that there is a perfect God that is omnipresent and is therefore in our neighbor as well as ourselves. We must look beyond the deception of division and imperfection and always put our attention on the God Presence. This will cause our energy to reach the God Presence in others and ourselves and we will sense the union of our Souls no matter how irritating a fellow brother or sister may be. As soon as we feel any irritation, we must shift our attention to the fact of the God Presence. Since energy follows thought, there is then a shift of energy and a degree of Soul Contact is achieved.

If we are constantly concerned about the imperfections of others and allow them to be a source of irritation to us, then Soul Contact will only be a dream unrealized. It helps us here to know that we all spend many lifetimes on this physical plane and those who are most irritating have generally not had a lot of experience in handling life. Would a college student get irritated at a kindergarten child for not knowing algebra? It is just as unreasonable for us to get angry at young Souls because they are still selfish and have not taken the same courses that we have.

Another point to remember is that people in the dark often get angry when presented with a greater light, such as the Jewish leaders who crucified Jesus. We must make sure we are not jumping to conclusions by judging an irritating brother to be less evolved than ourselves.

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