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Blayne wrote me wanting my thoughts on receiving accurate Soul Contact. This is a concern and of interest to many. Because of this interest I attempt to cover the subject now and again. As I searched through my writings I realized that I have written more on the subject than I realized so I thought I would make a compilation of writings and post them for the group. I will post them approximately every other day until complete and then add an additional article.

Joseph J. Dewey

An Overview:

As you know there are seven worlds in which we all live if we take into consideration all the parts of our makeup. But as far as human earthly consciousness goes we are only conscious of a small portion of the reality which constitutes the wholeness of that which we are.

The seven worlds and their dominant rays are:

  1. Physical Plane – Earth world – Physical consciousness – Ray 7
  2. Astral Plane – World of the emotions – Karmic or desire consciousness – Ray 6
  3. Mental Plane – World of the mind, the door to the soul- Ray 5
  4. Buddhic Plane – Christ world – Intuitional or Christ consciousness – Group consciousness – Ray 4
  5. Atmic Plane – Spiritual world – Planetary consciousness – Ray 3
  6. Monadic Plane – Divine world – God-consciousness – Ray 2
  7. Logoic Plane – World of the emanating cause – Absolute consciousness – Ray 1

But think not that the awareness of these seven worlds is the end to our quest for ultimate reality. All these seven worlds and Rays are merely sub Rays of the Solar Logos which is on Ray Two. Our Solar Logos in his consciousness joins with six other Logoi of six other solar systems (making a total of seven) to work from what is called the “Cosmic Plane.”

The “Cosmic Physical Plane” is composed of the seven worlds mentioned above. But beyond this, the Cosmic Astral Plane is composed of seven worlds higher still.

The highest entity talked about by Djwahl Khul, or the ancient wisdom, is so high in consciousness that he is called “The One About Whom Naught Can be Said.” His body is composed of 7 solar systems and he is polarized on the Cosmic Buddhic Plane, but his field of learning and evolution is the Cosmic Atmic. Making any attempt to comprehend consciousness beyond this Being and his worlds of livingness is not even made by entities who have communion with humankind.

Next down in relation to us is our Solar Logos. He is polarized in the cosmic mental, but his field of learning and evolution is the Cosmic Buddhic.

Then we come to the planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. He is polarized in the Cosmic Astral, but his field of learning and evolution is the Cosmic Mental. Even so he is overshadowed by a higher correspondence to the Soul and his higher solar angel is on the Cosmic Buddhic plane.

The Logoi of the other planetary systems in our solar system are working on approximately the same planes as our Logos is.

Next down is the Christ and his Hierarchy of Masters. These entities are polarized in the higher worlds of the Cosmic Physical but explore the Cosmic Astral as their next field of learning.

So where does the consciousness of humanity stretch in this vast and unlimited field of consciousness and evolution?

The average human being will be polarized in the astral (emotional) world while dabbling now and then in the world of mind.

All successful salesmen know that if you want to sell the average person you do not use logic and reason, but communicate with him emotionally, because that is where his attention is centered.

In other words, the average man has consciousness in the sixth sub plane of the Cosmic Physical.

He has yet to master the 5th, the 4th, the 3rd, the 2nd and the first sub planes, not to mention the seven planes of the Cosmic World.

And what comes after that?

Who knows? Speculation past the Cosmic Worlds is far beyond our abilities. But, I’ve attempted to paint a picture of the vast whole so we can put our own little lives in the correct perspective.

The average person who is polarized in the astral body is not overlooked by the soul, for soul energy is reflected down into that body. Unfortunately it is a reflection and as such everything is reversed and the direction he receives leads him into learning experiences rather than in the direction of real truth.

These learning experiences are necessary before the seeker can even appreciate the truth.

Every once in a while the average person can penetrate the veil of illusion and receive a non reflected communication from the soul. To accomplish this he must seek guidance from God with a sincere heart “as a little child.” When this happens this person will regard the experience with fondness and remember it for the rest of his life, but will often be unable to duplicate it again.

The above average person is polarized on the plane of the mind and the interesting thing is that those who are making the transition from the astral to the mental often go through a period of several lifetimes of unbelief. They will usually go through periods of agnosticism and atheism and believe only that which can be proven with hard core facts. They continue in this direction until they discover that too many of their questions remain unanswered by the use of the lower mind only.

As they seek for more they discover the higher aspect of the mind which is the door to permanent soul contact. But before they master soul contact they often think they are receiving information from God when it is from their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has access to much data that the conscious does not have but it is not infallible. In addition to this it does not have all the reasoning powers that our conscious mind does.

Overall the guidance a person receives from the hidden mind will be more accurate and useful than that received by the average person from his emotional feeling self.

When the seeker keeps his attention focused in the light of the mind as well as the love of the heart without wavering then he makes a breakthrough and receives soul contact that he recognizes on a conscious level. This is the closest thing most of us will come to an infallible source. The only error involved will be a wrong interpretation by our lower natures of what is received.

The person who achieves permanent soul contact will be polarized on the plane of the mind yet have communion at will with the next plane up, the Buddhic plane of soul (or Christ) consciousness.

“Courage is not the absence of fear But rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.” From the Movie – The Princess Diaries

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