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Joseph J. Dewey

I am trying to guide us as a group in the direction of the Aquarian energies and the inner world of soul contact. Piece by piece the sections covered may not make a lot of sense or be our natural inclination of interest, but when we put the pieces together and more and more of the whole picture is seen then the inner stirrings of the Spirit will confirm the time has been well spent.

Every teaching that I give should be tested.

Rick mentioned that he would like us to talk more about soul contact. This is perhaps the most important subject that we can ever cover, for when we reach contact together then we can only be united. Be mindful that this subject is always in session. Every teaching that I give should be tested with it and as you begin to sift the truth of things taught by myself and others you will find your sensitivity to contact will increase.

Pondering on the questions I give you will also help your contact.

The current question is:

How can DECISION and ATTENTION be used to increase soul contact? Several came close on the decision part. That is we must decide to reach or maintain soul contact.

Actually, more important than this is to decide to follow the highest that you know and receive from your inner self. Just deciding something like “I will receive soul contact today or next week” is not enough. If one is penniless and decides to have a new car tomorrow he will generally be disappointed. If one decides to have a new car and take the time and make the effort necessary to get it then there’s a good chance he will receive it.

Similarly, the decision required of us that is most important is the decision to do that which is necessary to receive and maintain soul contact. Then when you receive contact you must then decide whether or not it is worth the effort necessary to keep the channel open to keep the contact continuous.

After these decisions are made then ATTENTION must be focused on the soul or “the light in the head” as some writings have it. Another way some teachers have worded this is to “keep your mind focused in the light.”

Here is what happens after the first few glances at soul contact. When soul contact is first reached the entity has many more energies vying for his attention on the lower planes than the higher. Even though the contact brought a sense of peace and high vibration, this was not enough to keep his attention focused on the things necessary to sustain this. The distractions of the lower world draws the attention away and the focus is taken away from the soul and to the lower vibration. This shift does not happen immediately, but over a period of several days and the shift is so subtle that when the attention is shifted to the lower self the entity will often still believe he is in the soul.

If you are in a room with an adjustable light and turn it down gradually over a period of say, an hour, you can have the light diminished by about seventy per cent and never notice it. Then if you suddenly turn the light back immediately to full strength you will be startled to learn how much light you have lost. But you would not realize this unless you turned the light back on to full strength.

So it is with the soul. Until we learn to keep our minds focused steady in the light through ATTENTION to the soul or light, we will slip away from that light many times and have to have the power turned on again and again until we finally tire of losing contact and do something about it through the focus of attention.

Several have mentioned the importance of meditation and how bad they are at it. Meditation does not necessarily bring soul contact. There are those who meditate all their lives and never achieve it. More important than meditation is contemplation. Contemplation is a positive aspect of meditation and is more active and takes a person in the direction of the soul if ATTENTION is used and the heart is pure.

This is the purpose of the Intuitive Principle – to cause you to contemplate on questions in hope of touching the soul. Meditation without contemplation can bring some health benefits and calmness along with some discipline, but this alone does not insure soul contact.


What is the difference between prayer, meditation and contemplation and how do they all help achieve soul contact?

I mentioned earlier that there are those who have meditated all their lives and still not received soul contact. The same is true with prayer. There are those who have prayed regularly all their lives, and made sure others did too, yet the closest they have reached to the soul was the solar plexus emotion.

Even those who crucified Jesus were known for their “long prayers.” So, if many have prayed and many have done meditations all their lives and not received contact should we toss these acts away?

No. The answer is that we must find the key that makes them work. One important key we have been discussing is purity of heart. A good dose of this is essential. But beyond this we must realize that all things that have life or create livingness operate in triads or triangles corresponding to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Father, Mother, Child or Positive, Negative, Neutrality. (The three aspects or Rays)

Unless these three aspects work together there is no creation and no noticeable effect, as if there were only one hand clapping.

Many of those who pray regularly believe that meditation is a bunch of New Age bunk and many who meditate see prayer as old fashion and outdated. Both sides leave out an important ingredient, or two important ingredients. We must practice the whole Trinity of prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit.

Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.

There are many who follow the first two steps and forget the third and thus feel the peace, but cannot put anything they sensed into words because without contemplation the experience soon becomes as if it has not been.

Now remember that soul energy itself is not God or the Higher Self, but is a door to the higher realm. The dark night of the soul is merely a period where the door is shut for some reason. But remember, the door is always there and the kingdom of God behind the door is always there.

An important thing to be aware of in soul contact is that it usually deals with principles instead of facts. Those who are in the solar plexus will rattle of numerous facts that may or may not be true, but the true teacher of light will deal mainly with principles because they can be verified by the souls of those who are ready.

I believe that someone mentioned that the language of the soul deals with principles. This is a good way to see it.

It takes a thousand facts to reveal one principle, but one principle can reveal thousands of facts.

Think on this: It takes a thousand facts to reveal one principle, but one principle can reveal thousands of facts. If we see this as being true then we can understand that when the soul speaks to us that there will be times when a whole book can be communicated almost instantly.

Before effective soul contact can be reached the seeker must have a clear understanding of the difference between facts and principles and seek the understanding of Principles.

After a person receives a strong dose of soul contact he will almost always receive a strong negative pull within a period of three days.

I have noticed that after a person receives a strong dose of soul contact he will almost always receive a strong negative pull within a period of three days after the contact. Then over half the time he will yield to the negativity and the soul contact will be as if it never was.

Now to backtrack to our appropriate topic. Our alternate discussion concerned soul contact and we were talking about the importance of understand principles in relation to that. Communion through the soul is done through the transmission of principles which always lead to pure knowledge.

On the other hand communion through the astral body, the emotional nature, the lower mind and lower psychism always deals with facts which may or may not be correct.

How can you best serve? Look at the landscape of the work that needs done and make the best DECISION you can about the part that you will play and move forward with all your strength. If you have a degree of soul contact listen to the inner voice as you work. If you are working in the right direction you will sense a feeling of approval from your Higher Self.

If you have chosen incorrectly you will feel conflict within yourself. Maybe you have chosen something that seems holy and good, but still you feel unsettled within. If you perceive that you are doing something wrong, then change direction for a while and see how you now feel.

If you then feel a sense of rightness and peace the change was in the right direction. You must examine what you were doing and compare it with your new direction and analyze why the Higher Powers are guiding you on this new path.

Eventually, as an accepted disciple, you will tune in to the PURPOSE of God as it applies to this little planet and have a sense as to your part in its application.

You may receive inspiration, knowledge and some guidance, but your own power of discernment and DECISION will always play a large part in how you will apply yourself.

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