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Law of Action and Reaction

I have said also that the Forces of Light are nearing the Earth and that the Hierarchy is coming steadily closer to mankind.

These basic events, these subjective happenings and these spiritual determinations – under the Law of Action and Reaction – have evoked a more rapid response from the Forces of Evil (present in our planetary life) than from humanity. Certain great Forces or embodied Energies of darkness and of evil organized themselves and took the needed steps (so they believed) to prevent humanity from stepping onward into light. They availed themselves of the weaknesses, the selfishness and the self-interest of man; just as good can stimulate the latent goodness in
mankind into expression, so evil can evoke greater evil from those susceptible from innate weakness, and from the unthinking and emotional: the Forces of Light work only with men’s souls. Lies, false teaching, evil propaganda, a war of nerves, the culture of fear, the
organization of groups and of isolated workers in every nation pledged to undermine righteousness and distort the truth, went rapidly forward. Great and fundamental truths were twisted to meet the ends of the evil workers.

Alice A. Bailey, The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section III – Forces behind the Evolutionary Process

To sum up the matter, the teaching in this book should tend to an expansion of consciousness, and should bring about a recognition of the adequacy, as a working basis, for both science and religion, of that interpretation of the processes of nature which has been formulated for us by the Master Minds of all time. It should tend to bring about a reaction in favor of a system of philosophy which will link both Spirit and matter, and demonstrate the essential unity of the scientific and religious idea. The two are at present somewhat divorced, and we are only just beginning to grope our intellectual way out of the depths of a materialistic interpretation. It must not be forgotten, however, that under the Law of Action and Reaction, the long period of materialistic thought has been a necessary one for humanity, because the mysticism of the Middle Ages had led [xiv] us too far in the opposite direction. We are now tending to a more balanced view, and it is hoped that this treatise may form part of the process through which equilibrium is attained.

Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Foreword

Third: The work of a solar Logos is again of a corresponding nature: [292]

  a. He has to attain to the full consciousness of His entire ring-pass-not, or of the seven planes of the solar system. This covers a period wherein five of the Heavenly Men, or five of His centers, and therefore, five schemes, reach a stage of accurate response to contact and stimulation.

b. He has to attain to the consciousness of the cosmic Logos within Whose body He is a center. He must find by experience His place within the cosmic group of which He is a part, in much the same way as a planetary Logos pursues a similar course. This is achieved
when all the Heavenly Men or each of the seven centers are awakened and functioning consciously and freely, with their systemic interrelation adjusted and controlled by the Law of Action and Reaction. It brings within His control not only the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane (our seven major planes) but necessarily also the cosmic astral plane.

c. To attain to the consciousness of the center in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID. This center is formed by the sphere of influence of a cosmic Logos. In the body of a cosmic Logos, a solar Logos is a center.

Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Introductory Questions

It might be expressed thus: Just as each man has a body which, in its main characteristics and form, resembles other bodies, yet in its quality and personal distinctive features is unique, so each of the Heavenly Men builds for Himself a body out of deva substance or spirit-matter which is of the same nature as that of His brothers, and yet which is distinctive, colored by His own peculiar coloring, vibrant to His own particular key, and able to demonstrate His own unique quality. This is produced through the peculiar type of deva essence He chooses, or (to word it perhaps more occultly) it has involved the response of certain peculiar groups of devas to His note. They embody in themselves just those constituents which He requires to
build His body or scheme. It will, therefore, be recognized that the devas of Group A, being what we might call the key-devas, are of prime importance, and, from our present standpoint, must remain abstract and esoteric. If we consider this under the Law of Analogy, and study the
essentially esoteric nature of the plane of the Logos (the first plane, called Adi) the reason for this will be apparent. If the devas of Group A could be recognized, or even contacted by advanced men, the study of their nature, coloring and tone would reveal to unprepared humanity the coloring and tone of our particular planetary Logos. For this knowledge
the race is not ready. It would reveal also, through the study of the Law of Action and Reaction, which of the incarnating Egos were on the ray of this Logos; the deductions from this would lead men into dangerous realms, and put power into hands as yet unprepared to wield it wisely.

Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Division D – Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

The Spirit of Peace descended upon Christ. The New Testament bears witness to a somewhat similar event when, at the Baptism, we read that “he saw the Spirit of God, descending like a dove and alighting upon Him.” (St. Matt., III, 16.) This Spirit is a Being of tremendous cosmic potency and is today over-shadowing the Christ in much the same manner as Christ (two thousand years ago) over-shadowed or worked through the Master Jesus. This Spirit of Peace is not the sumtotal of an emotional and static calm, bringing to an end the turmoil on the Earth and instituting an era of peace. He is, in a mysterious sense, the Spirit of Equilibrium; He works with the Law of Action and Reaction and the inevitability of His activity will be recognized.

Alice A. Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ – Chapter IV – The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future

His reappearance is conditioned and determined by the reaction of humanity itself; by that reaction He must abide. His work is subject also to certain phases of [67] spiritual and cyclic timing and to impressions from sources to be found on higher levels than those upon
which He normally works. Just as human affairs have effects upon His action, so great “determinations” and “profound settlements within the will of God” also have their effects. The human side or nature of the Christ, perfected and sensitive, responds to the invocation and to the appeal of men; His divine side or nature is equally responsive to the impact of energies, issuing from “the center where the will of God is known.” Between these two, He has to make adjustment and bring about right timing. The bringing of good out of human so-called evil is no
easy task; the vision of the Christ is so vast and His grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect, of Action and Reaction is such that the arriving at right decision as to activity and time is no simple one. Human beings are apt to look at all that happens, or that could happen, from the purely human and immediate angle; they have little understanding of the problems, decisions and implications with which Christ is today faced. In these, His pledged disciples share. Their task is to develop “the mind that is in Christ” and as they do so, they will help make clear the way for “the coming of His feet,” as the Bible puts it (Heb., XII, 13.) Seeing life and events in the light of the spiritual values, as He does, will facilitate the giving out of the new teaching and will
provide the skeleton structure of the new world religion, thus giving us a fresh view of divine intention and a living insight into the minds of Those Who implement the divine will and are the engineers of humanity’s future. Let us, therefore, try and appreciate not only the opportunity which Christ has to help us (which is the usual presentation), but let us look also at the crises and problems with which He is confronted as He faces the work which He must do.

Alice A. Baily, The Reappearance of the Christ – Chapter IV – The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future

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