Alice A. Bailey on Theosophy

Here are all of the references to Theosophy by Alice A. Bailey (AAB) in her voluminous writings and those given to her by Djwhal Khul (DK). Links on these pages of the Laws of Alice A. Bailey are to the online books at the Lucis Trust  website.

AAB was an early convert to Theosophy but then founded her own Arcane School. AAB claimed that “All the Theosophy that I knew had been taught me by personal friends and pupils of H.P.B.” – see full quote below.  “S. D.” in these quotes of course stands for The Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB).

You might find Post-Enlightenment Mystics: Madame Blavatsky an interesting take on HPB. Also check out DID H. P. BLAVATSKY RETURN AS JOHN F. KENNEDY?’ by author Joseph J. Dewey where he comes to an amazing conclusion based on handwriting analysis.

Below are the quotes I found:

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