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Joseph J. Dewey

Another selection of quotes from my writings on Soul Contact.

As the seeker gets the first glimmers of soul contact he senses that there is some type of inner guide that is greater than mind, but uses both heart and mind. This first contact then is an intuition that there are answers within greater than from thinking alone. At first he has difficulty in accepting this idea, but as his frustration with progress on the Path increases geometrically he keeps returning to this possibility. Finally he has some type of painful crises and has no where else to turn except within and for the first time he allows himself to believe that there is a contact available that is a sure compass of truth. This belief, and finally faith, after a journey of millions of years opens the door to the true reality.

When soul contact is first made the pilgrim will often feel lonely and have no one to commune with who has also made the contact. During this period he learns as an individual, but yearns to be one with others like himself.

This brings us to the pivotal point where two seekers become one through the one soul of humanity. They learn the secret of the words of Christ:

“Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

The Christ is the Master of the kingdom of the soul for soul is the medium of the Christ principle.

Soul contact is the door that brings us to the Oneness Principle that I have often mentioned. When the door is open and the seeker enters in he becomes one in the body of the soul and two or more who dwell beyond this door together will see the same vision.

Now that this first great hurdle has been crossed a second major obstacle is now in the way. It is fine to enter into the world of soul and then return and be “in the world,” but when the consciousness settles down in this reality we tend to get spiritual amnesia and lose sight of the soul. Losing sight of the soul is especially easy to do in relationships. As far as the isolated individual goes there is not as much to get in the way of soul contact as there is with another human being. Why? Because most of us see ourselves as good decent humans trying to do our best. But those with whom we are in relationship with is another matter. They often seem dead wrong, cold hearted, distant, stubborn, mean spirited, and just plain nasty at times. When these negative aspects that are not part of the kingdom of the soul are focused on then the soul goes out of focus and the two remain two.

The principle of Oneness is this: 1+1=1 You being one communicate through the soul with another who is one and join through the soul into a unified life where you discover that the two of you are a part of one soul with one vision. Thus 1+1=1. This mathematical formula will be rejected by mind without soul, but makes perfect sense to the soul infused personality.

Some say we must look outward or upward to God. And how do you look “upward” toward heaven? When you pray do you leave your eyes open and look up in the sky? Of course not… Members of most religions I know pray with their eyes shut with their consciousness focused within. If it was without you would pray with your eyes open.

Since Jesus said the “kingdom of God is within you,” Luke 17:21 and such statement registers so true to the souls of men it is difficult to see how seeking this kingdom within as “self absorption.” Perhaps seeking the kingdom without could be called thus, but within? – I don’t think so.

When we pray Jesus said to “enter into thy closet.” Where is our closet? Is it out there somewhere or is it within?

When you draw within to pray, meditate or seek for answers where is up or down, right or left? Technically they do not exist for the Spirit of God dwells in the very center of your being. When that center is found you seem to be lifted up in awareness and thus God is refereed to as “up there,” but it would be more accurate to describe him as “in there.” If the kingdom of God is within then it only stands to reason that God dwells in his kingdom does it not?

The first step a person does make toward shared soul contact is falling in love.

Think a moment. What causes a person to fall in love with another? What makes it happen is that the couple for a short period overlooks every possible fault and imperfection in the loved one, even if those faults are glaring to friends and family. When you look in the eyes of another and see only perfection what do you see? You see the face of Christ and this opens the door of the soul.

Thanks to the attractive forces of the polarities most males and females in relationship feel the power of the soul through romantic love. The power of this love works to give average people a belief in the soul that stays with them for many lifetimes until the time comes that they begin to hear the still small voice and move on to higher spiritual feelings.

Now what causes this powerful and wonderful love in a relationship to dissipate and sometimes turn to love-hate or even hate-hate?

When the love subsides the two people are still the same people with the same faults. They should be just as loveable as ever, but to their partner they do not seem to be. The reason? Instead of seeing the face of Christ in each other they now are looking at the lower imperfect self. Now he sees a woman with many irritating traits and ceases to adore her and has amnesia of the Christ he originally saw in her. She sees a guy who just sits around and watches football and doesn’t seem to pay her any attention. Neither of then seem nearly as cleaver, smart or funny as they were in the beginning. All of these faults distract the vision from the good, the beautiful and the true to the negative, the ugly and the false.

What is the key to returning to love? Answer: Another divine characteristic must be brought into play and that is will. Will as an aspect of God must be brought from heaven to earth and we must use this will to force ourselves to look beyond the imperfections of the other and back to the perfect face of Christ that has never left our loved one. Will can resurrect the Christ and the love in a relationship so the end will be as it was in the beginning

If seeing eye to eye is “agreeing to disagree” then their should be plenty of people building Zion right now. Zion awaits a people who can see eye to eye in the building of God.

In our lower natures we have many disagreements and when we reach a dead end we may agree to disagree. Many people without soul contact do this daily. But as we approach building the kingdom of God, points will be reached where agreeing to disagree will not work but will cause progress to come to a screeching halt. When this happens the Oneness Principle must come into play and the two must contact the Spirit through the Soul together. Then the Spirit which is One reveals the same thing to both of then at the same instant and then two or more entities become as one mind joined in the one mind of God. The instant the revelation is received they no longer agree to disagree, but agree to agree and providing both abide by what they have received and do not deny the revelation of the Spirit, they will then move ahead seeing “eye to eye.” Notice the scripture does not say eyes to eyes? This is because of the emphasis put on the unity that is attainable through the window of the soul.

Soul contact is just the beginning of an endless journey. Just because we participate to a degree in the oneness principle does not mean that we have achieved all there is to achieve. When we become members of the Kingdom of God all knowledge is available to us if we earnestly put our attention on it, but which knowledge to bring into our sphere and what to do with it is an eternal process.

Consequently if there be two people upon the Path one will be in a different location than the other. If we are left to our own devices we will stumble on the path or wander off in strange directions in the dark. Sacred writings are given to us to help, but we often misinterpret them. The greatest aid to us is someone who has already taken the step we desire to take. This person knows all the pitfalls and most importantly he can testify that the step is really there to be taken.

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