Soul Contact 6


Joseph J. Dewey

In the past many of you have expressed a lot of interest in enhancing your soul contact and we covered a number of subjects that we hoped would help. Some, such as maya, glamour and illusion, are difficult to understand completely.

Now we arrive at another subject that may help clear the barriers of that illusive contact, but the advantage here is that we are now on a subject that is fairly easy to understand. Outside of some politicians, most people know what a lie is and what a promise is. Thus we find ourselves dealing with principles that we already understand and basically accept.

The basic principle behind lies and broken promises that interferes with soul contact is deceit. Lies deal with an attempt to deceive others and broken promises are caused by self deceit.

If you make a promise believing you can carry it out, but then find that you are unable to fulfill it, then the promise was broken because you were self deceived about what you could or could not do.

One of the basic differences between the Masters who have overcome death and us ordinary, mortals is that their word is always to be trusted and their promises are to be relied on.

Let us suppose that you were visited by Christ himself, or a Master, who taught you certain things and made you certain promises. Doesn’t it register with your soul that you should be able to trust His word? Well, why is it right that we should be able to trust His word but He cannot trust ours? This is not right. We must aspire to becoming as He is.

Many of us believe the following:

“Complete honesty and one hundred percent accuracy in the fulfillment of promises is a fine ideal, but it is not realistic. All of us encounter situations where it seems we have to lie or break promises.”

This is a modern belief, but it does not have to be so.

The way to achievement in honesty and the keeping of our word among us human beings, as it is done in the kingdom of heaven, is an important key and the path is not as you may have been taught.

The path to having a reliable word and BECOMING one with the WORD yourself is not a steel will or having such a hard heart that you would have told the Nazis where a loved one was hiding to avoid a lie.

It is true that to attain honesty a certain amount of discipline is necessary, but to tread the path, wisdom is more important than discipline or will.

The key to telling the truth at all times and fulfilling your promises at all times is the principle of conscious projection. This principle involves your conscious attention on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis.

The first thing the seeker must understand before using this principle is his own ring-pass-not, or his own limitations, and all have them whether it be a slug, a human or a God. All lives in the universe must find their limitations before they can become unlimited. If our limitations are not discovered, or known by us, then our limitations will find us and reveal themselves to us and embarrass us and sometimes cause great pain.

To become totally honest and open wide the doors of soul contact we must first “know ourselves” and explore our inner resources and ask these questions. How far would I have to be pushed before I would lie? How much would circumstances have to change before I would break a promise? What type of promises am I likely to keep? Which ones would I be likely to break? How much pain would I have to endure physically or emotionally before I would lie or break a promise? Am I more likely to tell the truth or keep a promise to a loved one, than a salesman or an irritating relative?

Ask yourself every question that you can think of that reveals the borders of your limitations. “But what if I do not know what I would do in a certain situation?” one may ask.

This is where conscious projection comes in. Project yourself into this situation where you are not sure of your limitations and push yourself through it with visualization and if you are true to yourself and have the courage to face your own power of decision you will come to a knowledge of how you will react in any circumstance.

Here is another principle. If two paths lie ahead and a new choice is to be forced upon you then you will always chose the easier path (usually the worst choice) if you have not used conscious projection to see yourself making the decision ahead of time. On the other hand, if you see the two paths approaching and analyze the benefits of the two choices ahead of time and you make the decision before the event occurs, then you will generally have power to follow that pre-made decision when the path approaches, even if the decision is a difficult one.

Once we have discovered and understand our limitations then we must project our minds into the probable future on a daily basis. If we do this we will see close to one hundred per cent of the coming temptations to lie or break a promise. Once we see in advance the temptations to deceive we can just about always figure a way around them so we can be true to ourselves and others, yet at the same time follow the path of harmlessness.

The beginning of all things as we know it was The Word which is God.

This Word is a an exact reflection of all that is in and from God and it is a pure light of truth that is within each of us. There is no darkness, deceit or illusion there. The only way to harmonize with the Word which is pure Truth is to become the truth ourselves. When all the words we speak are words of truth and promises which come true then the barrier between man and God evaporates and soul contact is established followed by the Oneness that the Master talked about.

Two things have to transpire before Christ can come:

  1. A time of relative peace and stability must be established on the earth so the Prince of Peace can effectively work.
  2. A group of disciples must be prepared to receive and transmit higher teachings that He has to offer.

Such a group does not presently exist but some on this list may be part of it. If He came now most people would just think he is another guru with a big ego. It will take an understanding of soul contact to be able to recognize Him when he comes as inconspicuous as a “thief in the night.” II Peter 3:10 The end of the world will not come around the year 2000. Y2K may create some problems but they will be solved and we will move on. (Written March, 1999) The time of great opportunity is upon the disciples of light from this point on for the next thirty years.

The thing you can do right now that would be of greatest benefit is to seek true usable knowledge with all your heart and concentrate on becoming sensitive to true soul contact and then to follow those impressions you receive. Also starting study groups in your area will eventually prove invaluable.

As we quoted earlier “He that believeth does not make haste.” Now is not the time to sell all we have and head to the mountains or fanatically prepare for Y2K. We have several decades to prepare for the miraculous transitions to come and this preparation should not be done in haste but all things should be intelligently considered and prepared, for the lights of the earth will receive the appropriate instructions as they proceed.

The person grumbling about a lack of signs or assistance will often have neither. One of the things each true servant must learn is to find the power of God manifesting through himself through the medium of his own soul.

A final barrier before the student makes the necessary spiritual contacts is called loosely the dark night of the soul.

Now most people feel loneliness now and then to a degree, but the student on the threshold of greater spiritual contact will go through a period of loneliness and feelings of isolation that eclipses any feelings of loneliness that the average person experiences. This loneliness is often accompanied by a feeling that he or she is different and there is no one else on the planet who can understand what he is going through or communicate effectively with them. To some it will seem that a dark cloud also hangs over them.

If the student in this condition gives up in his quest for higher knowledge then soon things will return to normal, but will then have to go through the dark night again.

On the other hand, if he perseveres he will eventually arrive at a higher level of consciousness and soul contact. After he passes through this dark night he will realize something very interesting. He is not alone. He finds he is in “communion with the saints” as it is written in Christian terminology. In other writings “he finds his group.” But it will be a spiritual group that has an eternal presence before his soul.

Once this happens new vistas of understanding open up to him and he will never feel that “aloneness” feeling again and it is almost impossible for such a one to become depressed.

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