Soul Contact 8


Joseph J. Dewey

If there seems to be no great work to do, the disciple will create one and press forward with great attention even if he is ignored by the Brotherhood, friends, God and NATO. The one higher power that will never ignore the aspiring disciple is his own soul which is a Master on its own plane. When soul contact is established the disciple is able to move forward with the idea that contact with the Brotherhood of Light would be fine, but if it does not come that would be fine too.

The most important ability for the true disciple is the freedom to decide and carry out those decisions on the path of unselfish service. This freedom to serve according to one’s free will brings the disciple more reward than all the material things in the world and any recognition from the inhabitants of the Kingdom of God is seen as a bonus.

Unknown to many seekers there are many voices out there calling for your inner attention and those who draw our attention on the line of least resistance are never entities of the higher planes.

The higher lives speak the language of silence and silence does not clamor for attention; instead attention must find the silence. The disciple must discern and learn to ignore the lower noisy voices of glamour and, through the power of will, force his attention on the secret place of stillness and in that place enjoy the communion of the saints and the Brotherhood of Light. Only through the discernment and the ignoring of the lesser voices can this be obtained.

Soul contact and communion through the Oneness principle is essential for the working disciple, else he may wind up receiving illusionary teachings and leading others down a path from which retracing steps will be essential.

He who has soul contact will have a sense that something is off (a disturbance in the force) when he is going the wrong direction but when going the right direction there will be a sense of fullness or completeness and a knowing that you are doing the right thing.

You ask:

“I am curious what the Masters do when a particular teacher, gets so caught up in the message, ‘and their own interpretation,’ rather than maintaining a greater purity in the delivery of the message. Jesus seemed so careful to keep ‘the Father’ forefront.”

When this happens (as it often does) the Masters sit back and do nothing. They do not tell the disciple he is in error unless he sincerely petitions to know. Sometimes the disciple will discover his errors and sometimes he does not. If he does not he must come back in a future life and set things straight.

This is the reason soul contact is so important in any group. If a good portion of the group have such contact then they will sense that the teacher is in error and voice their concern and this will sometimes cause the teacher just reflection. If the teacher’s ego is in the way he is likely to turn into a dictator.

Many times with this group I have stressed that I could be wrong on any point that I present and the only way you will know for sure is through your own inner contacts. I can see why many teachers in the past have not done this – because there is always the danger that those who are in the personality will accuse the teacher of error and disrupt the flow when the teacher may yet be in the soul. Nevertheless, this is a resistance that we must face in the great age that is approaching. It is a small price to pay for the group to receive true soul contact.

The disciple is indeed sensitive and is highly aware of others’ feelings as well as his own, but concerning the selfish indignation that is infecting our society, he has none.

All insults, real or imagined, all negative thoughts and feelings of others, and all attacks are registered in his physical brain and responded to when it fills a purpose, but he or she lets the negativity pass through him so his state of mind, soul contact and peace are not affected.

The true sensitivity of the disciple is multi-leveled.

All souls are one and when we all speak the language of the soul together we will see as one body. But even those who do their best to retain soul contact can question and disagree because of incomplete communications.

But to see the Christ, or the soul, within a person does not involve seeing what is not. If the person is mean spirited or irritating you do not pretend that he is a nice guy. Instead you put your attention on the true reality – that behind this person – no matter how apparently evil he is, is the Soul.

Seeing the Christ in an undesirable person causes you to forgive him of all offenses, because you are seeing from soul to soul. This does not mean that on a personality level you have to pretend like he is a nice guy and be his friend. If you are a person with soul contact you should seek friends who also have such contact, but when those of low vibration cross your path recognize that the Christ is within them and is seeking to surface and let them go on their way with no negativity being sent or received by you.

He who has firm soul contact can resister the effects of engrams, prayers, influences and then let them pass through him and dissipate into the ethers.

Any time you do not feel free it is because some knowledge is lacking for “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” as the Master said.

If we “seek first the kingdom of God,” as Jesus also said, “then all things will be added.” This includes a release from engrams and all unwanted influences from painful childhood experiences through soul contact.

Don’t look for people jumping on the bandwagon in droves here, at least at first. Finding even 24 people who can be one through soul contact is difficult enough. Many will come in wanting the molecules to adjust to their personality level rather than them adjusting to the oneness of the soul.

It will be extremely important that the initiating molecular members all be at-one with the soul or all molecules created afterwards will be flawed, like an imperfect crystal.

Before everything is said and done I will probably be called a dictator for insisting that all members of the first molecule reach soul contact together and thus achieve oneness in thought – but this is something that must be achieved to a workable degree.

This is why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet who ever lived. Because he prepared a molecule for Jesus that was capable of soul contact and oneness in thought and turned them over to Jesus after the Spirit descended upon Him.

If you begin or aid a work that affects many people for good this is a sign that you are an accepted initiate, but it is difficult to tell the status of an initiate without soul contact.

So you can see that the mere gathering of 24 does not create a working molecule. It has to be planned and executed with the cooperation of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In addition, the group must be capable of being one through soul contact so the linkage can be completed.

Until or unless Christ decides to manifest in a body of his own He will be the only overshadowing presence necessary for the Molecular Order no matter how large it becomes. You only need one connecting link to establish an unlimited number of molecules. In terms of awareness and communion His presence is extended through all the molecules and He is able to use the various members for His eyes and ears as well as influence through soul contact according to the sensitivity of the Molecular members.

The beginnings of soul contact does not start with a bang. It starts with the “still small voice,” so still and quiet that you think you are imagining things when you first hear it. It is different than psychic impression which often comes through the astral body. Soul contact comes through the mind and heart (not astral emotions) working as one. The oneness of the mind and heart create a channel.

After you pay attention to this contact the ability to recognize and trust it greatly increases, but it always takes a certain amount of faith to follow.

The fire of the Spirit is a higher contact that comes in varying degrees but when this comes it is unmistakable and leaves no doubt in your mind hat there was definite contact with the energies of God. This higher contact comes for several purposes. One of the main ones is to give positive assurance that a certain direction is the correct one for you to take. Many will eventually receive this fire to confirm the truth about the Molecular Order and that they are to be a part of it.

Then there will be those who have not yet received soul contact or the fire who will be deceived by lower astral fire. If one has not received the higher fire it is easy to conclude that the lower fire is the higher fire.

When one receives the higher fire he knows that he has received it and knows that he knows. He can also recognize another who has received it and who is currently open to it. He who has received only the astral fire cannot discern the difference between the two. He believes be knows but does not know that he knows.

Many people have their higher contact greatly delayed because of the deception that the astral contact is the ultimate. This keeps them from making the next step because they are not looking for it.

There is a principle which says: “like attracts like.” Average people are attracted to their own vibration, but they do not have the soul contact to have the recognition. For those who are advanced on the Path there is the added benefit of recognition added to attraction.

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