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Joseph J. Dewey

My Friends,

I still have a few more posts to complete the compilation on soul contact. Here are some more quote from the archives.

When love is truly demonstrated, it does not have to be mentioned. All of us may not have soul contact, but all of us know what love is when we feel it and when we feel it we do not need anyone to explain to us what it is.

I believe that it is true that we pick up negative influences something like implanted hypnotic suggestions and they have a strong influence over many. Beyond traditional therapy, the way to overcome these influences is through mental development and then soul contact. The mind can learn to recognize negative influences and override them, but the soul can bypass them completely allowing the soul infused personality to live his life as if there is no past that can control voluntary action.

Several of you have correctly stated that we should seek soul contact and trust it, but the trouble is that seekers are in many points on the Path, as far as contact is concerned, so this advice cannot apply to all.

For instance many are seeking soul contact, but have not yet achieved it in a way they can recognize.

Others have achieved glimpses of it several times, but are not familiar enough with it to avoid deception.

Then there are those who believe they have soul contact, but in reality have astral contact, not realizing that astral vibration veils the soul.

Finally there are those who have true soul contact. They know who there are and know that they know.

Now if I were to teach you about 144 dimensions and tell you to use your soul contact to verify this, the above four groups would give, many different answers. Hopefully we can see from this point that just telling you to use soul contact is not enough to bring a mixed group to oneness in the truth.

A group composed of individuals all having soul contact can be extremely unified, but such a group is not our luxury at present.

Whether you are sure or not of reliable soul contact it is indeed important to run the teaching by the highest within yourself that you can perceive. But Rick adds an important step that even the highest initiate must not forget. Use “plain common sense.” Even one who has achieved soul contact can fall away from it so the use of common sense is a factor that guides us toward the truth and keeps all of us in alignment.

If a teaching just seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.

Keith makes a couple comments that warrants a response.

He says:

“I love this concept of discovering truth without the aid of ‘soul contact.’ Now, I know for a fact that I do not possess soul contact. I am extremely envious of everybody on the list who is in possession of this rare pearl of wisdom.”

Don’t write yourself off so easily. Soul contact reaches down through several reflections. Most of us have received some type of impression either directly from the soul or reflected through our mental or astral (emotional) bodies. Have you ever had a gut feeling to do or not to do a thing? Have you ever had an idea flash into your mind that just seemed right to you? Paying attention to these subtle impressions are guides that leads you to the still small voice, so still and so small (a zero point) that you will wonder if it is your imagination working overtime.

But then if you have faith in this voice and follow it eventually the voice will seem as strong as a rushing of mighty waters and you will come into the oneness principle and know that you are never alone for you always have before you an association with others of higher consciousness who are one with the Voice.

First, I would like to remind you that the only “good authority” on matters that cannot be scientifically verified is the God within. Also a teacher who has stimulated soul contact in you numerous times should carry weight, but not an infallible weight. All other authorities are suspect.

It is interesting to watch a debate between a new ager and a born againer. The born againer will quote scripture after scripture to back up his beliefs and the new ager will smile as if the guy is from the stone ages and preach back his philosophy quoting no authority, but his heart. Consequently, the two are not speaking each other’s language and both go away from the discussion feeling that the other is as far down the enlightenment scale as you can get.

One of the problems is that the sincere religious person has felt soul contact while reading the scriptures and because of this is not about to drop his belief in the closest link he has to the Spirit. On the other hand, many new agers have not even read the scriptures, or had them forced upon them while they were young, and do not identify with this feeling. Instead, many of them have received some spiritual contact while reading other books that teach enough truth to draw the inner voice. What the true seeker must realize is that God has spoken to many different people in many different ways and even though the vocabulary and definitions may vary the core truths are the same.

Seekers must learn the difference between earned and unearned authority, between the just and the unjust.

Just because a person is a Ph.D., a Priest, or proclaimed by the press to be right does not mean that he is not to be questioned. And just because another has no degree and no title does not mean that he has not carefully though things through and is very accurate. Humanity is at its infancy in achieving soul contact. Most people are controlled by their astral body and thus by authority.

The messages from the Spirit must come from the mind and circulate through the heart. The mind must be open to contact. We are approaching an age that for the first time there is sufficient numbers of people with both hearts and minds evolved enough to become one through the soul and to be free from unjustified authority.

I have always stressed that the most important principle I teach is soul contact – that all of us have the Spirit of God within us that communes with us through the soul and that all of us have equal opportunity to discover the truth through the soul.

Asking and receiving goes hand in hand with soul contact for without this an answer cannot be recognized even if it is presented with great clarity.

If you ask God for an answer you may receive directly through the soul – or you may receive from some teacher – or even some synchronous fluke that jars the answer within. In any case it is only through your own soul that real truth can be recognized.

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