Law of Re-Appropriation

Law of Re-Appropriation

Below is the only known reference to the Law of Re-Appropriation in the writings of Alice A. Bailey (AAB) and Djwhal Khul (DK). Links on these pages of the Laws of Alice A. Bailey are to the online books at the Lucis Trust website.

For a discussion of what AAB means by a “law” please see  Alice A. Bailey – What is a Law?


In my last communication to you, I dealt very thoroughly with the problem of your “manifestation within the planetary life” (as it is esoterically called) and discussed your ray equipment at some length. You have, as sincerely and earnestly as you could, endeavoured to make the information of use in bringing about a better presentation of your soul’s objective through the medium of your daily life. This I have not failed to recognise. You have found, have you not, that one at least of the decisions to which I referred is already confronting you. The issue as yet remains undecided for the task of relinquishment is not easy. I would suggest to you that that which has to be relinquished may not be that upon which you are at this time laying the emphasis. I would remind you also that the Law of Sacrifice is ever followed by the Law of Re-Appropriation in the spiritual sense. Upon this fact I would ask you to ponder. 

On “apppropriation”:

“At that time, the form becomes aware for the first time of the touch of the soul. This is called in the language of esotericism the “Touch of Appropriation. ” The soul then appropriates its vehicle.” -Esoteric Psychology – Volume II

You are welcome to post your comments and understanding of the Law of Separateness. 

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