Alice A. Bailey on Brotherhood

This is my no means a comprehensive list of references to “brotherhood” by Alice A. Bailey, but hopefully it will give some idea of how important she thought it was for humanity to nurture an intelligent understanding of universal brotherhood. It is equally clear that she thought that “brotherhood” was not just a sentiment, but a fact of nature.

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Our universal brotherhood and our essential immortality will be proven to be facts in nature.

The Reappearance Of The Christ , CHAPTER FIVE – THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHRIST – Part 1

On this innate divinity, upon this recognised Sonship, is the brotherhood of all men based—one life, one glory which shall be revealed, and one divine relationship.

The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy , THE RETURN OF THE CHRIST – Part 1

To be a probationary disciple, one can be a devotee; the emphasis can then be laid on purification and the acquiring of an intelligent understanding of brotherhood and human need;

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I , SECTION FOUR – SUMMARY OF THE TIBETAN’S WORK (1919-1943)

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