Law of Friction

Law of Friction

Below is the only known reference to the Law of Friction in the writings of Alice A. Bailey (AAB) and Djwhal Khul (DK). Links on these pages of the Laws of Alice A. Bailey are to the online books at the Lucis Trust website.

For a discussion of what AAB means by a “law” please see  Alice A. Bailey – What is a Law?


  4. The law of friction.  

The subsidiary laws under the Law of Economy are four in number, dealing with the lower quaternary:

  1. The Law of Vibration, dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. By knowledge of this law the material of any plane in its seven divisions can be controlled.
  2. The Law of Adaptation, is the law governing the rotary movement of any atom on every plane and subplane.
  3. The Law of Repulsion, governs that relationship between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps them rotating at fixed points from the globe or sphere of opposite polarity.
  4.   4. The Law of Friction, governs the heat aspect of any atom, the radiation of an atom, and the effect of that radiation on any other atom.  

Definition of “friction” at

[frik-shuh n]

1. surface resistance to relative motion, as of a body sliding or rolling.
2. the rubbing of the surface of one body against that of another.
3. dissension or conflict between persons, nations, etc., because of differing ideas, wishes, etc.

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