New Age, Old Age

The New Age

We are all fortunate to be living on the cusp of a New Age where the paradigms of the old world and the Old Age are being replaced with new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new ways of seeing things.

Everything old is not bad though, and everything new is not good.

Someone once characterized the difference between those with conservative and liberal views thusly (and please take those terms “conservative” and “liberal” as being very loose terms, not precisely defined here):

A conservative sees good in the old and wants to preserve it. A conservative has difficulty seeing good in the new.

A liberal sees good in the new and wants it immediately. A liberal has great difficultly seeing much good in the old.

The truth is that we need both energies. We need energies to bring in the new, but at the same time we need an energy to act as a brake on change so we don’t rush foolishly into ill-considered change.

If the conservative is totally in charge then stagnation is likely. If the liberal is completely in control a train wreck is probable.

The middle way between these two energies leads to peaceful, and productive change. Both sides have valuable energies to contribute.

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