The Mark by Joseph J. Dewey

Keyword of the Beast

Continuing with verses 16 and 17:

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”   Revelation 13:16-17

If I were a representative of the beast I would not be teaching you here, but would set myself up as the ultimate authority and would discourage your learning and thought while at the same time proclaim I am for free thought, learning and an open mind. In the old days you were imprisoned or killed for questioning.

Fortunately the Constitution that wounded the beast plus the slow progress we have made in the rule of law gives us some protection in this age.

One who has freed himself from the authority of the beast will test all teachers including me with the God within, but once a teacher’s words have passed that test a challenging attitude becomes unnecessary. Nevertheless, never get lazy – always check all things through the soul and then question when necessary.

Standard numerology is not the key we are looking for. You must also read the scripture very carefully. Notice in verse 17 that those who have the mark bear ‘the number of his name?’ Now the Christian world is waiting for some great dictator to arise with the number 666 tattooed on his head or something like that, but here we are told that the billions among the masses bear the number themselves? How could they do that?

Hint: What chakra does the beast use to maintain his control? Think of the Solar Plexus. What could this have to do with the number 6 or 666? The age of Pisces is also involved.

Some have heard of the Seven Rays and some have not. These are the same as mentioned by John as being the Seven Spirits before the throne of God. The various seven rays go in and out of incarnation here on planet Earth and during the age of Pisces a certain Ray was prominent. It is the same Ray that governs the Solar Plexus center. What Ray is this and how is it related to the 666 and the beast? Should we look at the numbers as separate 6 6 6 as well as a unit – 666? Or Possibly 6 x 100, 6 x 10 and 6? What would be the meaning here?”

There are several levels from which the 666 can be interpreted, but we want to concentrate on its meaning in the physical context that we have been discussing. [This] whole chapter deals with the control of the beast over humanity which is essentially the art of causing man to not focus his attention on the God self (higher than man) but the animal self (lower than man). For the average man the past always has a stronger pull than the future.

The number six is the number of the sixth Ray of idealism which governs the age of Pisces and the Solar plexus. The six is written three times because it symbolizes the control of the beast over our three worlds:

  • Physical (which includes the material and etheric)
  • Astral (or emotional)
  • Mental

So keeping this in mind how does the beast place his mark in your forehead and right hand in these three levels? Remember the forehead symbolizes your thought and thinking and the right hand is your work or actions.

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The Unveiling

"The Beast" on this, and following pages, is taken from the initial writings by J.J. Dewey to the Keys of Knowledge discussion forum on the Internet. Eventually this became a chapter in The Unveiling which is an indepth, and totally unique explanation of the symbols and meaning of the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible and the New Testament. From Amazon:

After almost 2000 years the key to understanding The Book of Revelation is finally manifest and it is not what you have been taught.First, it is important to understand common interpretations that are revealed to not be true. Among them are:
  • The Beast is not a powerful Hitler type worldwide dictator.
  • The mark of the beast has nothing to do with bar codes or a chip implanted in your hand or head.
  • The letters to the seven churches have little to do with the seven churches.
  • The two witnesses are not two prophets who will magically appear.
  • When John said that the things in it will “shortly come to pass” he did not mean it would take 2000 years but he meant a short time just as we interpret the phrase.

The real meaning of the book is nothing like students have been taught but contains teachings in symbolic code disguised as an end of the world scenario to insure it would be included in the canon as we now have it. These teachings, previously hidden from view, tell the aspiring disciple how to tread the path that the Master has outlined. This is why the book was called the “Unveiling of Jesus Christ,” commonly mistranslated as "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" - or in short "The Book of Revelation."

Joseph J. Dewey
Joseph J. Dewey

Joseph J. (JJ) Dewey, born Feb 1945, has been a student of philosophy, metaphysics and the spiritual path most of his life and has taught numerous classes and seminars on a variety of avant-garde subjects.

In his trilogy of books in the Immortal series, the author draws from many true-life experiences to create novels that present unique and mystical teachings in a way that captivates the imagination. What is true and what is fiction? That is for the reader to determine. The trilogy consists of The Immortal, Books I & II in one volume, The Lost Key of the Buddha and Eternal Words.

A fourth Book called The Unveiling is available in the Kindle edition.

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