Recognizing The Beast by Joseph J. Dewey

Beast in Revelation

Blind authority is administered through government organizations, unions, teachers organizations, textbooks, school administrators, principals and even the teachers themselves. Remember the beast is a power rather than a simple object we can point out with black and white certainty. This blind authority is a shape shifter moving from place to place. You have to learn to recognize it and then be eternally vigilant to rise above it.

Blind authority is a shape shifter….

Here is how to find where the beast is raising its ugly head. First realize that a just set of rules or laws is not necessarily from the beast. A certain amount of rules and laws are necessary. Order and stability in society demands that we respect all laws and rules supported by an informed majority. But you can spot the beast when you operate within those laws and rules and still get in trouble. Observe how the line of authority is administered and you can then run down the workings of the beast.

The student:

He is told by the teacher that he is supposed to learn, be creative and use common sense. So for political science class he writes a paper presenting a totally different view than his teacher has. He has followed the rules and was creative, did good research and all his facts are reliable, but the teacher gives him a D and refuses to discuss the merits of the paper.

The Teacher:

A certain teacher teaches everything required by the rules, but goes the extra mile and also teaches some phonics which is not the standard authorized method but it seems to work better than anything else available. He is then called in by administration and told to cool it if he wants to keep his job. Next this same rebel teacher publishes a letter in the local paper stating how he supports competency testing for teachers. He does not name names but presents several examples of incompetence in the school where he works. From that point on he is treated very coldly by all authorities over him (and some teachers) and is passed up for promotion and even has some trumped up charges brought against him.

A School Administrator:

Bob, a fair-minded authority figure decides he wants to do more to help the kids so he works for a proposal to cut administrative costs by one percent and give the money to teachers so they can have a good miscellaneous account to buy badly needed materials for kids. He realizes that the average teacher only has about $60 a year to spend on the kids, whereas administration wastes thousands on expensive conventions, travel and entertainment. He thinks that his group should be able to sacrifice a little for the greater good they claim to support.

He is aghast when he is called in by superiors and told to lay low here and not upset the apple cart. Sure the kids could use a miscellaneous account but that can be handled through a tax increase. Administration needs every dime it can get and more. He now realizes that if he does not play ball he will never move up the ladder and may even lose his job.

The Parents:

This is a true story I saw on TV a while back. A school was in desperate need of a ball field and the school was low on funds so the parents in the district got together and built one with their own funds. However, school authorities told the parents that no one could use the ball field unless they built a second one because if the school has a ball field at all it must have two. One for girls and one for boys. There must be equal opportunity, even though the girls weren’t bothered if they had one just for them.

Consequently the ball field gathered dust because the school was threatened with law suits if it was used at all. Sad isn’t it, but that’s the way the beast works. All seems well as long as you play along, but when you disturb the power of the beast you then find where his presence is.

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The Immortal is the story of an average truth seeker who stumbles across a fascinating teacher, only to discover that the man is John, the Beloved, the Revelator, an Apostle of Jesus, perhaps the most mysterious man in history, comes alive in this book. Legend has it that John never died and still roams the earth as a teacher. John finds JJ Dewey, the main character, to teach him the Twelve Keys of Knowledge to prepare the world for the new age of peace. The first question addressed in Book I is WHO OR WHAT AM I? The student gives all the standard answers…and they are all wrong. The lead character then realizes he is under the tutorage of no ordinary teacher and must apply himself in a quest for knowledge.

The Unveiling

"The Beast" on this, and following pages, is taken from the initial writings by J.J. Dewey to the Keys of Knowledge discussion forum on the Internet. Eventually this became a chapter in The Unveiling which is an indepth, and totally unique explanation of the symbols and meaning of the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible and the New Testament. From Amazon:

After almost 2000 years the key to understanding The Book of Revelation is finally manifest and it is not what you have been taught.First, it is important to understand common interpretations that are revealed to not be true. Among them are:
  • The Beast is not a powerful Hitler type worldwide dictator.
  • The mark of the beast has nothing to do with bar codes or a chip implanted in your hand or head.
  • The letters to the seven churches have little to do with the seven churches.
  • The two witnesses are not two prophets who will magically appear.
  • When John said that the things in it will “shortly come to pass” he did not mean it would take 2000 years but he meant a short time just as we interpret the phrase.

The real meaning of the book is nothing like students have been taught but contains teachings in symbolic code disguised as an end of the world scenario to insure it would be included in the canon as we now have it. These teachings, previously hidden from view, tell the aspiring disciple how to tread the path that the Master has outlined. This is why the book was called the “Unveiling of Jesus Christ,” commonly mistranslated as "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" - or in short "The Book of Revelation."

Joseph J. Dewey
Joseph J. Dewey

Joseph J. (JJ) Dewey, born Feb 1945, has been a student of philosophy, metaphysics and the spiritual path most of his life and has taught numerous classes and seminars on a variety of avant-garde subjects.

In his trilogy of books in the Immortal series, the author draws from many true-life experiences to create novels that present unique and mystical teachings in a way that captivates the imagination. What is true and what is fiction? That is for the reader to determine. The trilogy consists of The Immortal, Books I & II in one volume, The Lost Key of the Buddha and Eternal Words.

A fourth Book called The Unveiling is available in the Kindle edition.

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