The Seven Heads by Joseph J. Dewey

Beast in Revelation

“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.”  Revelation 13:1

The seven periods are from the time of the Last Adam, or the beginning of recorded history. There is a greater seven and we are in the fifth head of this long time period. We are in the seventh head of this lesser cycle.

Let me start by making several comments about the visions of John in Revelations itself. What John saw were images representing what is called the Principle of Cycles. Within various cycles on this earth and others and this system and others there are certain cyclic events and principles that always happen within certain perimeters.

Prophecy of the future is rarely exact so the true prophets of the race are given the basic cycles of the future in symbols. Then when a reader with soul contact contemplates on them in meditation he can by the process of intuition divine the current and future circumstances with a high degree of accuracy. If this same symbology of Revelations were presented (and it probably has been) to other worlds at our point of evolution the inhabitants there could get as much inspiration from it as we can.

A mountain symbolizes many things in various writings. The lifting up of consciousness is one common interpretation. However on the basic level in Bible interpretation a mountain stands for a kingdom. Thus the ‘mountain of the Lord’ is a symbol of the kingdom of God. The fact that the beast has seven heads symbolizes seven world kingdoms from the viewpoint of the Biblical writers.

Six of the seven heads are:

  • Egypt,
  • Assyria,
  • Babylon
  • Persia (includes the Medes)
  • Greece
  • Rome

However, this is not new. Some astute Bible scholars have guessed that these may be six of the heads. The seventh head is what baffles them. Many think the seventh head will be a great world dictatorship that will be controlled by the UN or something like that.

Actually the beast has never been without an active head. After the fall of Rome the seventh head became active, but instead of one kingdom representing a head the many authority figures of the world under numerous kingdoms became as one head and still is.

This idea will seem very fitting as we continue. Can you believe we are still on verse one? Verse one continues by saying there are ten horns and ten crowns on the beast. What could they be?

Hint: These are prominent on the seventh head.

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"The Beast" on this, and following pages, is taken from the initial writings by J.J. Dewey to the Keys of Knowledge discussion forum on the Internet. Eventually this became a chapter in The Unveiling which is an indepth, and totally unique explanation of the symbols and meaning of the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible and the New Testament. From Amazon:

After almost 2000 years the key to understanding The Book of Revelation is finally manifest and it is not what you have been taught.First, it is important to understand common interpretations that are revealed to not be true. Among them are:
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  • The mark of the beast has nothing to do with bar codes or a chip implanted in your hand or head.
  • The letters to the seven churches have little to do with the seven churches.
  • The two witnesses are not two prophets who will magically appear.
  • When John said that the things in it will “shortly come to pass” he did not mean it would take 2000 years but he meant a short time just as we interpret the phrase.

The real meaning of the book is nothing like students have been taught but contains teachings in symbolic code disguised as an end of the world scenario to insure it would be included in the canon as we now have it. These teachings, previously hidden from view, tell the aspiring disciple how to tread the path that the Master has outlined. This is why the book was called the “Unveiling of Jesus Christ,” commonly mistranslated as "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" - or in short "The Book of Revelation."

Joseph J. Dewey
Joseph J. Dewey

Joseph J. (JJ) Dewey, born Feb 1945, has been a student of philosophy, metaphysics and the spiritual path most of his life and has taught numerous classes and seminars on a variety of avant-garde subjects.

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